Choose your right sexy lingerie

There are a lot of women might make the mistakes that lingerie have to be expensive to please the men. In Lena Style, we offer large collections and different style of sexy lingerie for men's like also for women's like. So It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on lingerie to please your man.  A simple secret when it comes to your underwear and lingerie, less is more and simple is better. Here are some of the best tip to choose lingerie that most of girls and guys said:

1. Color: 

Black, white, purple, blue with a hint of color to accentuate curves and shape is sexy, elegant, and fit the mood. They want to see what you're wearing and follow the curves of your body. Lace over Lace are always the best, of course it has to be comfortable and at the same time fit your body type. This Lingerie is ideal for valentine's day or any other romantic evening with your man to feed men's mood. It features Beautiful black lace from the top of the bust to a low cut v to the small of the back.  With this under wire lightweight peek-a-boo sheer chemise you are sure to get the attention you desire. 

2. Simple is the king: 

Imagine how embarrass will it be when it take you a lot of time to attempt to dress or take off complicated lingerie and undergarment that we may not know how to put it on or remove can kill a mood quicker. A lot of them, complicated undergarment are not just we assume, Unzip or unbuckle in the right order. So it is very important to keep a lingerie simple for  the special times. Most of our collections of sexy lingerie are just perfect for these moment, they are designed at simple, easy to put on and take off yet they are hot and unique. Don't forget the lingerie sets can be worn at your wedding night as bridal lingerie to please your new husband with its exciting design and you can benefit for its low cost and high quality.

3. Size is the queen

Lena Style has posted these sizing guides to help you determine your proper fit before you make a purchase. Plus most of our lingerie are adjustable and material we choose can be stretchy to fit majority of body type. Things need to remember is that no matter your body type, never buy anything that accentuates your problem areas such as if you have issues with your belly, try to find the lingerie that is less tight and more flowing in this area. If you are confident with your chest, then it will be wise to choose the lingerie sets that are tighter and more cleavage, making that the focus on the chest. If you are tall and want to show off your long legs, then choose the lingerie with garter belt. However, if you are  concerned about your weight, then it go no wrong to choose darker color ideally black. 

Meanwhile, no matter what size or what body type you are, Lena Style offers a wide selection of women's sexy lingerie that you will look absolutely delicious in for Valentine's Day -- or any other your romantic day!