Sexy bikini: tiny bikini & microkini and String Bikini

When comes to pick a bikini to show your curvy body, it is not easy and Lena Style know how to help you. Lena Style Bikinis has launched their 2015 Bikini Collection exclusively on Lately, Microkini also call Micro bikini have been really hot on the trends, so we took on the colorful and abstract style by designing bikinis that really POP and hot which combine Microkini and traditional push up sexy bikini features in to one! From stripes, to aztec patterns, to chevron, Lena Style has incorporated different patterns and styles that really stand out. Be sure to check out these brand new sexy bikinis and tiny bikini out.

There’s too much to say about brand new Lena Style bikini collections, color choosing and styles and easily you can find one of your best shoots to date. And even if there was something more to say, So without further ado, click on the link: you will find the various style from Push up tops bikini, triangle bikini, even micro bikini, if you want to show off your tan skin, then our bright color such as Neogreen, Neoblue , hot pink, swimsuits will be your perfect choice. If you are concerning about your weight and your body type, don't forget to add our darker color bikini into your cart. 

We all know the importance of having the right bikini for your beach day, it is now not early to pick up a perfect Bikini for a perfect beach day!