Tungsten rings

If you choose Tungsten ring, you have a precious metal cool style rings that can withstand, tungsten rings are made of hard and dense metal and they will not melt and do not change the shape unlike gold ring.  Tungsten wedding band will not scratches and it is very rare to be worn out. 

At Lena Style, you can shop in confidence and good price along with excellent service, we have large selection of tungsten jewelry and we provide life time guarantee as ring is made of a very hard metal and can't be resized. So with our life time guarantee, we will cover the ring size change. We chose newest design for all our selection, we are the first jeweler to combine deer antler with tungsten carbide for the sport man and hunters. Our women and men 's tungsten wedding bands are durable yet brilliant to be representation of life time commitment, we also inlay diamond, gold, silver these luxury element to our tungsten bands, so with our style, our ring have the luxury, classic traditional look at the same time modern and spotty.

Please note, if you are not assure your ring size, please go to your local jewelry stores to have your fingers measures or purchase our ring sizer to make sure. 

to match you tungsten ring.